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You are the Only Person on Earth Most Vested in Your Child!

How many times have you felt that like you should never been chosen for the work as a mother much less a homeschooling mother? How often have you felt inadequate and insufficient in the role as home educator? How often have you felt like you are doing damage to your children by your feeble attempts to teach them? 
These thoughts and questions haunt every mom, now and again or everyday, and these questions have haunted me over my 19 years of homeschooling, and of course it doesn't help when my siblings or relatives, who are high school and college teachers, reiterate that my husband and I are WAY under qualified to teach my own children. Just rocks your confidence to have these doubts sown in your head and heart. Well, I have a gift for you from my friend, Pam Barnhill. I was going to write words of confidence to you, but I though it might be better to hear the confident and encouraging words from Pam. 
So grab yourself a cup of your favorite warm drink and listen to Pam's Facebo…

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