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Wisdom For the Summer: Rest

  The Haymakers at Rest 1873 by Jules Breton   Well, we are fully into summer and it feels nearly as busy as the school year. It is easy to be tasking from sun up to sun down with the great intention of "making the most of the summer months".  So I want to offer you some thoughts for your consideration of how the summer months should look for you to regain your energies for the coming school year.  This is also a list that is wise to consider for, um, life! -Forget Multi-tasking! Single-task! -Make every moment as joyous as you can. If there is a task I don't like doing, I turn on music to make it more enjoyable. - Resist the urge to rush! -Live in the moment -Take advantage of those times of "waiting". Use that time in the grocery store line to pray or meditate instead of becoming frustrated and irritated. Text your spouse or child(ren) and tell him (or her) that yo

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