Calling All Homeschoolers Books for Sale UPDATED 7/23/20

Please find pictures below of the book I have for sale. These books are part of my collection and some are from collections of others who have left homeschooling or moved from the area. I have been wanting to pass these on for the last few years and now seems to be a good time with so many coming to home schooling. Please see this like a walk in my outdoor "tiny house" where my books are stored. Take your time, enjoy the browse, rest on the porch, leave for a bit and then come back to browse again.

-If any books are difficult to see, please email me at or text me at 303-263-3289 and I will send you better images.

-All books are in excellent condition with the exception of the FREE books as these books are well loved and have been in our home or someone else home for 15 years used and admired by different children.

- Consumable books: I will notify you if there is any use and to what extent.

-Book prices are marked below the images, and I think it will work best if it is first emailed first served and I will keep updating the list to remove things that are sold.

-Once all your books are decided on, we can decide if you'd like to come pick them up or have me ship them and then we will figure on the cost of shipping.

                                          Art Pack Books $1 each Timeline $2 Text $4
                          Individual Studies 5 $7, TT Pre Algebra TAKEN Atlas TAKEN All others $1
                                               Any standing ones $2 each flat ones $1
                                           TT Geometry GONE  Wind in Willows $3
                                                               Either  of these FREE
                                          Lightly used Nature Book $1 CCM Timeline cards $4
                                           Any of tall books $2 MUS Stewardship Set $8 small books $3
                                                                 Either of these $2
                                                                       This item $2
                                                                          This item $1
                                                                  2 book set for $4
                                                     All tall books $5 small books $2
                      Sets are $8 each smaller books $2 Physical Science DVD $10 Text Audio CD $5
                                                  Tall books are $5 each small books $2
                                            Tall Books and sets $7 each smaller books $2