Autumn Memories, Spring Awakenings


If you will stand outdoors on these chill autumn evenings, you many chance to hear the distant conversation of migrating birds as they call to each other through the darkness. Sometimes the muted honks of wild geese drift down from a moonlit sky. Again the thin, high pipings of Southbound warblers greet an attentive ear. Bell-like voices of myriad species of feathered travelers set the heavens atingle with vital communications that keep individual birds from getting lost from the flock. It is as if these pilgrims were reminding each other that no one need be lonely. "We are all together. No one need make this journey alone. We are at each other's side to guide, help, and to cheer." 

                                                                                   - Thoughts Afield by Harold Kahn

In April the south wind, fragrant with the smell of spring, gently caresses the landscape and the spring sun, mounting higher in the sky, dissolves lingering snow wreaths. Countless shoots, with early leaves snuggle close, push their way through rain-moistened soil and tinge the earth with vernal green. And, like stars of the night, tiny blossoms appear in gloomy woods and rocky hillsides, in sun-kissed fields and shaded roadsides, perfuming the air with subtle fragrance.                                                                                                

                                                                        - The Living Year by Richard Headstrom



March 10, 2020 Nature Journal Entry

61degrees F

This is another lovely day like a day in spring full of sunshine and billowy clouds that fill the sky from west to east. The breeze is warm and gentle and the yard birds are busy gathering and preparing throughout the morning. I noticed yesterday at dawn that before the sun rose, before the first rays were over the horizon, the song birds began their hymns. It's so good to hear their songs again. Just when winter seems to be so long and we are weary of the cold, the dawn birds come back to bring us hope of the coming warmth that spring will bring. Today we enjoyed a number of hours in the sun taking in it's comfort andwe let our four new baby chicks play in the winter grass. What a pleasure to see them running and pecking practicing their soon to be needed chicken skills. But as the day went on, the clouds began to build and thicken against the blue sky. We gathered our chicks and watched the clouds crowd out the afternoon sun. Small rain drops began to leave their cloud homes and descend to the earth in a gentle patter. No gales or gusts accompanied the little drops just a slow cool breeze. The quiet of the closing of the day were their only travel companions. A good night's rest is sure to be in store with these beautiful sounds as our lullaby. 

Spring is here, let us open our hearts to the beauty of the season! Go outside and drink in the love of Our Heavenly Father by giving us glories such as these.



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