Wisdom For the Summer: Rest


The Haymakers at Rest 1873 by Jules Breton 

Well, we are fully into summer and it feels nearly as busy as the school year. It is easy to be tasking from sun up to sun down with the great intention of "making the most of the summer months".  So I want to offer you some thoughts for your consideration of how the summer months should look for you to regain your energies for the coming school year. 

This is also a list that is wise to consider for, um, life!

-Forget Multi-tasking! Single-task!
-Make every moment as joyous as you can. If there is a task I don't like doing, I turn on music to make it more enjoyable.
- Resist the urge to rush!
-Live in the moment -Take advantage of those times of "waiting". Use that time in the grocery store line to pray or meditate instead of becoming frustrated and irritated. Text your spouse or child(ren) and tell him (or her) that you love them!
-Delegate to your children (they really can make their own bed! lol)
-Block out time for yourself-even if only a few moments
-Do only those things that truly matter
-End toxic relationships-they'll only drain YOU and your time!
-Cancel a commitment that wasn't totally necessary to begin with.
-Focus on one thing at a time! Not easy for a mama, I know!
-Learn to just say "no" or "nope" or however you choose to express it!
-Let things be. Sometimes I get obsessed with the layer of dust that seems to land on the furniture right after I have dusted it, the dishes that got put in the wrong cupboard, an extra pound that crept on overnight, and a whole host of other things. Crazy? Yes. I'm learning to let it go.
-Let go of guilt. It won't get you anywhere and it will eventually make you sick! Address it, release it..move on.
We can all use our time more wisely. As Paul says in Ephesians 5: 15,16 "See that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil."
Time is truly a gift from God!
So go S L O WWWW this summer, you will not regret it, and your family and your God will be so very grateful that you did.