Long Over Due, Catching Up, Getting Back in Touch

Hello to you all Dear Friends. It has been too long since I wrote to here on Smooth and Easy Days, and I wanted to apologize for my absence. Nothing, thanks be to God, was wrong simply life just got very busy over the summer. You all know how it goes...

So the beautiful days of autumn are still with us and remind me of a reflection from the Living Year by Richard Headstrom. 

October Reflection:"Even as the cool nights of declining summer herald the approach of autumn, the red maples unfurl their scarlet flags to advertise the great annual show which Nature stages before ringing down the final curtain on the dying year. Almost before we realize it, the golden days of October are with us once again and beckon us to roam about the countryside admidst all the splendor of the autumn landscape. Much of the brilliancy of the autumnal coloring is due to the red maples and the scarlet flowers. They spread a suffused glow over the countryside, the scarlet or crimson leaves stand out against the azure October sky."

November Reflection:"I have been sitting by my study window, watching swirling gusts of wind blow fallen leaves crazily over the ground. It seems only yesterday that they were resplendent in yellows and golds, russets and browns; but now, tattered and torn, they lie scattered about, the playthings of every passing breeze and a poignant reminder that the season of biting winds, icy pendants, and whirling snowflakes are near at hand."

This beautiful time of year go find your way outside, breath the air in long and deep, and offer praise and thanksgiving up to Our Loving Father who sets all this before the children He so dearly loves.