A Change for a Change

Some may say that change is uncomfortable, no fun, upsetting, distressing. But others say that change is good for us as it breaks up the monotony and the familiarity of things. And change is inevitable as long as you are a living and breathing being, change is part of the story of life, right?

Well, here at the Guild, change has come. Yep, our monthly meeting are putting on a new face; new location, new time, new day of the week and month, and the addition of bringing our children to be with us at the meetings as well. Our monthly meetings will now be the last Friday of the month at 1:00 pm at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Lakewood at the Religious Education building on the Fatima campus. We will not be studying any books so no prior reading is required for the meetings. Instead we will be listening to the Delectable Education podcasts for 20 min and discussing these recordings on the thoughts of Charlotte Mason and the implementation of her work into our daily homeschooling days. 

So would you consider joining us on Friday, Nov. 30th at 1pm at the RE Building at Fatima and PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILDREN. They will be welcome to attend as we have toys and a play area for them in the area we will be studying. Our next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 28th at 1 pm and we will be doing a New Year's craft for the children as well as our study time together. 

Thank you all for your understanding and flexibility as we welcome this new change, and who knows it might just be the new boost, the renewal you have been wanting and needing, the change that will open a new door, a new perspective and a new point of view. It just might be a good change for a change. :)