Yes, We're Better Together

I just read a wonderful article from Brandy Vencel of Afterthoughts blog about Mothers' study groups and I would like to share it with you.

Mothers’ study groups are indispensable to a homeschool mom’s life, and I don’t just say this because I like to geek out about books. Many years ago, I was at a low point. Homeschooling was super tough because life had gotten super tough. In the midst of this, it would have been easy to let reading just slide away.
Being committed to a study group meant that I was committed to reading and gathering. I quickly realized that this reading I supposedly didn’t have time for was exactly what filled me up and kept me going. And it wasn’t just the reading – it was the reading with. Hearing others’ perspectives and receiving their encouragement was part of the great gift this group was to me at the time (and still is).
While I love reading, it’s easy for me to drop it when I need it most – when I’m headed for burnout and would rather numb my brain with social media or television. This is why the accountability of a study group is so healthy: it gives us a reason to do what we ought to be doing, what we need to be doing. This joint venture of study and friendship provides us with the fuel we need to succeed in this long journey we call homeschooling.
If this sounds like you, please won't you consider joining us at our Charlotte Mason Study Guild Meetings. Now, don't let the name throw you. Yes, we talk about CM stuff, but we also talk about the many joys and struggles of homeschooling at all stages. We brain storm, discuss, and trouble shoot many areas of homeschooling that doesn't always touch on Miss Mason's style of teaching.

So if you are interested in our Mothers' Group or as I call it Guild, please consider joining us at the Belmar Panera Bread in Lakewood for our next meeting on Thursday, May 10th at 6:30 pm. We'd love to see you there.