InCoWriMo 2017

It's a day like any other day. You watch from your window the movement of life outside. Ambitious birds fly from the ground to the trees and chattering scurrying squirrels descending the trees to the ground. The wind blows gently and you notice an approaching vehicle hugging the curb coming toward your home. The shape is one you know so well and anticipate with hope and joy at it's arrival. The white boxy mini truck with it's patriotic stripes slows down at your letter box and makes a deposit. You wait with gracious social courtesy (not to seem too eager) for the mailman to make his way down the block. Timing things just right, you dash to your mail box to see what awaits you because as you know it's InCoWriMo 2017. (pronounced Inko-RieMo)

"You open the mailbox. Inside awaits a mystery. You slowly pull the letter from the darkness, barely containing your excitement. The envelope is stiff and crinkles pleasantly in your hand. You recognize the scrawled name and begin to imagine the words scribbled inside- heartfelt, funny, or simply informative? You don't know yet! It is an envelope full of promising possibilities. Is there anything better than the simple pleasure of receiving a handwritten letter?

International Correspondence Writing Month, or InCoWriMo for short, is a month dedicated to exploring the joys of written correspondence. Some may say that snail mail is through- a throwback to a prior era, unnecessary in a world full of tweets, texts, and email. I'm not against these forms of communication, by any means, but for me, nothing can replace the handwritten word. And while receiving a letter is a beautiful thing, writing one is arguably equally as fun. So I say, embrace nostalgia! Take your pen in hand and battle against the digital tide.

To participate in InCoWriMo, all you need to do is write one letter every day for the month of February. That's it! 

If you are looking to participate, but aren't sure who to write to, we've got a few ideas for you...

Write to:

  • your parents or grandparents
  • an influential teacher, professor, or coach
  • your favorite author 
  • a neighbor 
  • someone you look up to in your field
Additionally, I've put together this awesome list of people who would probably, most likely, love to hear from you.  Additionally, if you'd like to impart some words of love to a stranger, you can choose to participate in the More Love Letters movement. "

                                                                                                      ~ Goulet Pen Company

We, the Swavely Family, have signed up for the InCoWriMo 2017 and would love for families, friends, and relations to join us. And please do not feel that you have failed if you do no write every day just do the very best you can. And do not scrutinize or critique your handwriting or the handwriting of any of your family members who would like to participate, just write. For the pleasure of writing your thoughts and the pleasure of knowing the pleased smile of the recipient who will hold your kindness in their hands awaiting the mystery you have put inside the envelope. So ready your pens, InCoWriMo begins on Wednesday.