Return to The Lazy and Hazy Days

Hello, hello everyone! I greatly apologize for my delay in writing a new blog post. I've missed writing to you and visiting through the blogs and responses. There have been many things happening these last few weeks, supposedly the lazy, hazy days of summer. Between Totus Tuus, VBS, homeschooling conferences, birthdays, graduations, friends moving, and preparing some of our older children for summer adventures and journeys. Even with the seasonal extra daylight, we are still feeling that there are not enough hours in the day. How can that be, it's summer?! 

Well, when things get too off track as they seem to be these days, God has a way of bringing me back each time. He gently guides me with His tenderness usually shown through the written word. I can almost always pick up any one of my prayer books, and find His loving reminder of what is really important in this life that we at a frenzied pace are trying to live. Below is the prayer reflection from the other day from the Daily Guideposts written by Edward Grinnan. 

Millie, my terrier, woke me up in the wee hours of the night with a demure little whine at the back door. This usually signals a rare midnight emergency, so I threw on a T-shirt, trotted downstairs, and let her out into the warm, earthy night. I went to the kitchen and tracked her through the dark from the window above the sink while I got myself a glass of water. She disappeared briefly in the shadows of the woods and then reappeared in the middle of the yard. There she sat, very still, ghostly white in the luminosity of a crystal-clear night, head tilted up, staring at the sky. 

What on earth was she doing? What was she seeing? It seemed to me she was looking at the stars, at the silvery heavens above, the Milky Way smeared across the firmament. I didn't call her in. I let her stay that way for a spell, just gazing up at the sky. I remembered then that it was the summer solstice. 

Who knows what goes through a dog's mind? What they see that we don't see? What they feel and sense about nature that is sealed off or discounted or ignored by our mortal senses, dimensions only they can know? The moonlight was illuminated in her fur. She was out there for a reason, and not the one I though or was ever really likely to know.

After awhile Millie rose and headed back toward the house. I heard a little scratch at the door and let her in. Her tail was swishing. She took a quick drink of water, padded upstairs, and put herself back to bed. I almost followed, but instead I wrote down what I had witnessed. I didn't want to wake up in the morning thinking it was only a dream. 

"Heavenly Father, we are given the beauty of the seasons and the mysteries of life as gifts to ponder. Please, wake me up anytime to see Your hand at work.

See, a gentle nudge and kindly reminder. Just what I needed. Summertime will find it's way back to it's rightful place of the lazy, hazy days starting today. And I pray that God will be so good as to keep those reminders coming every time I leave the path. 
                         "Please Lord, wake me up IN time to see Your hand at work." 

I think tonight would be a beautiful night to step outside, blanket, children, and hubby to sit, very still, in the luminosity of a crystal clear night, head tilted up, staring at the sky. I think Millie would be proud. :)