Summer Planning 2016 and Oh SO MANY Links

Good Morning and Happy Sunday in the Joy of the Most Holy Trinity!

How are you all? I hope you're well, and am praying for blessings, grace, and mercy for us all as I prepare for Mass this morning. I will be posting another post later today and apologize for two posts in one day, but this first post here is a fun maintenance post. 

For anyone who would like to attend our Summer Fun in the Sun and More Planning class on Wed., May 25th at 2:00 pm at St. Joseph's in Golden, please look below for the link to Pam Barnhill's Edsnapshots to sign up for the Summer Planning Kit. We'll be using these planning pages for our meeting time so please if you could take a moment to sign up and get the link for the pages that would be super. Bring these printed pages to the meeting if you please. These pages are lovely and colorful which really makes planning that much more fun. There are many steps that Pam explains for summer planning, but no need to worry about those as we'll cover those in class. Just scroll to the bottom of the link's page to find the email sign up box. Oh, and not to worry Pam will not bombard you with tons of emails after you sign up. She's quite good about that. 

Also here are two more links you might like to put into your summer to encourage reading for and with your children during these next few months. Caroline F. mentioned them in a recent email so I thought I would put the links here. (Thanks Caroline, and again to Pam Barnhill as these are also from her website.) (last year's Summer Reading) (this year's)

And speaking of summer reading, don't forget to check your local libraries for their summer programs. Here in Lakewood the Jeffco library system is gearing up for their summer reading with the catchy title of GO READ GO! May fun things planned through Jeffco Library, check it out.

Lastly, whew!, is a link to follow up on Friday's blog, Misty Winkler's Homeschool Personality Profiles. The link I posted for you a few days ago goes with the results Myers Briggs Test which you can take here for a fee to get your personality results,

BUT if you do not want to take the official test and pay the fee, take a look at Mystie's breakdown of the Myers Briggs personalities.

Read through each one and see which one best describes you and go with that letter set as it is probably true for your personality. As we better understand and know ourselves, I think we can better know and understand our children, our husbands, and those around us. Yes, this moves us to grow in compassionate and love. 

Ok, that's all, actually that's enough. I apologize for the link craziness, but I wanted to give you all what we might need all in one place. No need to hunt the internet, I'm happy to do that for you. Have a great Sunday morning and I will meet with you again later in the afternoon blog post. Bring a cup of your favorite warm beverage and we'll enjoy a visit. God's Blessings to you, my friends!