Stop, Look, and Listen

When I was growing up during the late 60's and 70's, there was a safety campaign launched to remind the people of New York not to J-walk. J-walking was (and still is) a huge problem in the busy street of NYC as people try to move from place to place quicker. Most people didn't want to walk the long city blocks to get to a cross walk so they would dash across streets from between parked cars. This caused enough pedestrian and car accidents that they launched the campaign of "Stop, Look, and Listen". Catchy and easy to remember. 

Well, this morning, I'd like to you consider with me a Stop, Look, and Listen campaign of a different sort. I'd like it to be a person to person idea rather than persons and cars. It looks like this:

Stop: what you are doing if your child or spouse or anyone is trying to talk to you. Don't move if you don't have to. Bend down or kneel down to get on eye level with a littler one.

Look: them in the eye. In our business, we often forget to look people in the eye. (I'll be the first to admit guilt on that count.)

Listen: stay engaged looking at the person while you listen to them, and if appropriate, reach out and hold their hand or touch their shoulder while they talk. 

That's it. Try it for today, Stop, Look, and Listen to the people around you. AND if you're feeling adventurous and the situation allows, go outside and do this same thing. Similar to what we were talking about yesterday for the "You need You". Stop and Look and Listen to the world around you. It's amazing the lovely sounds and sights in our beautiful world of God's nature. Enjoy it, it's all there for you to take in and savor each day, family, people and places alike. 

God love you and have a lovely day. Until tomorrow...