More on Homeschooling Personality Tests

One of our dear moms sent the link below as a great resource for taking another very close version of the Myers Briggs test. I took the test a few times and realized that I became more comfortable with the wording of the questions and considered a little more my answers. It was after taking the test 4 times that I got to results that I felt most accurately reflected my personality.

The other thing I liked about this website is that it went into generous details about my strengths and weaknesses as a parent, a relationships, workplace, friendships, etc. I like seeing this so as to better know myself so that I can use my strengths to serve better, and know where my "pitfalls" or weaknesses lie so I can gently work on them.

So if you are interested on taking this free test and getting the results immediately, click the link below:

God's love you, have fun with this and have a lovely day.