Charlotte Mason Study Guild Meeting Reminder

Hi again, everyone. I know, yes, I know, it didn't take long for me to jump right back in the writer's seat in front of my computer to make another blog post. My sister warned me that this could get addictive, but I'll be careful, promise...

But now that we have this venue to talk to everyone, everywhere, anytime, and I don't need to worry about silly misspellings of email addresses, I thought this would be a great place to put our meeting reminders. So here.....we...... GO.

I would like to invite you all to our next Charlotte Mason Study Guild meeting as we will be stepping off topic from studying Miss Mason’s work, and will be working instead on our summer ideas. All too often we head into summer with expectations that never get accomplished or we meet summer with dread thinking of all the hours we have to fill. (if you do not home school year round) So why not have a plan for summer, and what fun to plan with other moms so we can brain storm and share ideas.
Please consider joining us as we will meet on Wednesday, May 25th at 2:00 pm at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Golden for a productive summer planning and scheduling time. Consider coming and bring the kiddies and your clip boards, and I will bring planning pages to fill in. 
We’ll also take some time to talk about the triumphs and disappointment of the school year leaning more to look at the many triumphs we experienced along the way.   

Hope to see you there.