Homeschooling Moms Personality Test

Ack, one more thing. At the last study guild meeting on May 11th, we talked about personality tests for homeschooling moms to better know where our strengths (and weaknesses) are for when we are homeschooling our kiddies. Maybe the butting of heads you might be experiencing with your child is because of how your personality understands and conveys information is different than the way your children learns and absorbs information rather than a matter of obedience.

So one of our guild members, Angie, was so kind as to search this out, and found the link to take the test. Thanks so much, Angie.


  1. I might just have to ask the kids which type they think I am---THAT should be interesting…and humbling. I'm afraid.

  2. Here's a great post from Feb. but is still relevant as we are thinking about Sept and maybe throwing in the towel:

  3. That is fascinating. I am an INTJ, and the description fits me to a T.


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